daisy-is-not-a-flower asked:

TyZane for the send me a ship ask game :) and also Nickels!

toboldlydammitjim answered:


  • makes the bed in the mornings: Ty because if Zane does it Ty just ends up remaking it and grumbling about how Zane did it. 

  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote:  Ty because he needs the TV volume to always be at an even number. Although sometimes Zane has to snatch it from him because Ty will flip through channels for hours. 

  • stays up until 2am reading: Zane. Sometimes Ty will lay his head on Zane’s shoulder and ask him to read to him while he falls asleep. 

  • is the bigger cuddler: Ty. Ty is like a big cat. If Zane is busy reading, or watching Ty he’ll basically crawl on top of Zane and plop down on him until Zane pays attention to him and snuggles him.
  • does the laundry: Ty. He used to think they shared the responsibility but every single time it was Zane’s turn Zane always had some sort of excuse as to why he couldn’t do it and eventually Ty realized he’d pretty much taken over the task without knowing it. 

  • mows the lawn: if they had a lawn it would be Ty. And Zane would probably get turned on watching him do it. And then the lawn would never get mowed. So it’s a good thing they don’t have a lawn.

  • is better at budgeting: Zane says it’s him because Ty is more impulsive about buying things. Ty says Zane spends too much money on Italian food. 

  • instigates the sex: It just depends. When Zane comes home from work it’s usually Ty waiting for him to walk in the door so he can jump him. But sometimes Zane sneaks up on Ty when he gets home if Ty’s busy working on the Mustang or something for the Bookstore. Ty instigates morning bjs sometimes but Zane instigates morning sex on weekends when they don’t have to get up early. 


  • makes the bed in the mornings:  Depends where they are. If they’re on Nick’s boat, usually Nick. At Kelly’s cabin the sheets usually stay messed up. Nick tried to make the bed a few times but they usually end up messing up the covers too quickly again to even bother, or at least that is Kelly’s excuse. 
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote: Nick if it’s baseball season. He’ll let Kelly have it in the off months but Kelly usually puts on the history channel for Nick anyway. 
  • stays up until 2am reading: Nick. He’s used to being up late anyway, and if he’s not reading over cases he’s reading one of the many books Zane sends him. 

  • is the bigger cuddler: Everyone would assume Kelly because he’s the one always flopping his head onto Nick’s shoulder, or using Nick’s lap as a pillow. But what they don’t see is that Nick’s arm always quickly snakes around him and pulls him close. Or the way Nick sometimes tucks his head against Kelly’s shoulder so Kelly can run his hand through his curls.
  • does the laundry: Nick. Kelly’s been banned from laundry since the incident in Jacksonville. 

  • mows the lawn: They don’t really have a lawn at either of their houses. But if they did Kelly would totally mow it shirtless just to drive Nick crazy. 

  • is better at budgeting: It would be Nick but one puppy dog look from Kelly and the ‘budget’ goes out the window. 

  • instigates the sex: Both of them. When it’s Kelly’ it’s usually more playful. Usually if he’s trying to instigate sex it is because he’s trying to get nick to fuck him when they don’t have time and are already going to be late or when they’re in public place or when Nick’s watching baseball. But Nick’s the one who will come in the door and throw Kelly up against he wall and start kissing him with out a word. Or will pull the car over because the way Kelly bites his lips when he smiles is fucking obscene and Nick needs him right the fuck now.

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reasons i tend to not talk

  • people always interrupt me to tell another story because apparently my story isn’t good enough for their ears
  • i sound like an idiot who just learned to talk two hours ago
  • people seem disinterested in what i’m saying
  • i hate my voice
  • i have something really mean to say
  • i hate you
  • i repeat because this happens a lot: people interrupt me and never let me finish and i feel really shitty about myself because no one seems to want to listen to me



please just watch this

"It’s one second." I said
"It can’t possibly be that great."
I was wrong.